The initiative made a few years ago by the United Nations in relation to the promotion of a new business paradigm based on the so-called "social responsibility", which points to the role of business and entrepreneurs in society, has led me to offer specific conferences and seminars in the fundamental area of unfolding humane excellence and leadership.                                        


Personal objective

The nature of these seminars is fundamentally interactive and consists from one to three consecutive days. Since it is an educational process, each one offers different avenues of exploration. Naturally after the first seminar, the participant can choose whether or not to continue.


The overall goal of these interactive events is that we achieve leadership and deploy humane excellence that will lead us to the place where we belong. These seminars are a real introspective journey and lead us to discover the uniqueness of self, with all its goals and dreams.


As the seminar progresses, we recognize how we have used restricted beliefs to determine the creation of our reality, quite different often from who we really are, and we explore ways to change what no longer serves us.


Professional objective

The transformations you experience in the seminars give you innovative tools to be implemented in your professional life. With a broader level of awareness and new concepts of reality, you start to accept diversity, which is the starting point for the integration process with your personnel. This forms the basis of success of your company, institution or organization.


Through open and extensive communication, respecting the proper and unique contribution of each member of your company, regardless of their position, you create a fertile environment for all, thereby enabling an improved performance within the abilities of each individual.


The essence of these seminars is for you to recognize and to prove personally that your body is a source of wisdom and information, which is often overlooked or ignored by the mind, and to integrate its telling signs in your decisions and actions.


• The seminars are presented in English.
• They usually have an interactive character, therefore, comfortable clothing is advised.
• They may last from one up to three days.
• They are open to members of the requesting organization or company only.
No photo, film, recording, or any other duplicating means, before, during, or after the event.


My wish is to inspire people to be leaders of their lives, rather than soldiers of survival.



Zvonimir Čekalović Ballón



Unfolding humane excellence brings us to the place where we deserve to Be