I offer lectures to all companies, organizations and institutions interested in an innovative approach to competence, which is a tool to measure success in the world of trade and services. I call them “Unfolding Humane Excellence and Leadership ".


These lectures are a source of inspiration for those ones who are seeking harmonious, clear and fair relations in their work and in their private life. They touch on all aspects of our existence, the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual planes of reality. They are the outcome of many years of dealing with people's business, health, relationships, experiences and personal beliefs. I share about the way to gain clarity in their reality, and awareness in their transformation process towards humane excellence and leadership.


• The lectures are presented in English.
• They usually have an interactive character, therefore, comfortable clothing is advised.
• They may last up to two hours including some breaks.
• They are open to members of the requesting organization or company only.
No photo, film, recording, or any other duplicating means, before, during, or after the event.


Unfolding humane excellence brings us to the place where we deserve to Be