Could you kindly release for a while your profession, position, degrees, awards you may have? Breathe deeply, and stay in this frame of mind for a while. It gives you a different perspective to the contents of these notes.

Pull back from focusing on economy, and get used to observe it without judgmental attachments. Look at it just like any other field that people create. From your relaxing chair, become a witness of human reality.


The law of cause and effect creates all that exists. Since people are the cause, and create economy, then, economy becomes the effect. Therefore, economic fluctuations are a human creation, meaning that you, as a leader or an entrepreneur can transform the economic situation in which you are, or your company is. All depends upon your leadership!



An authentic leader is the person
who is able to integrate diverse or antagonistic forces
with respect, equality and freedom.


As a leader, you need to have a clear vision on the process of creation, having in mind that diversity and integration are its foundation, and its components to act upon. Therefore, leadership is about raising consciousness towards integration with respect, equality and freedom.

My knowledge is mostly based on human experiences related to the business world, rather than in business itself. People are the core or engine behind your business! By knowing more about them, and they about you, automatically, they will perform to the best of their abilities as a reaction to the acceptance of their existence and individuality. This will benefit you and your business!


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