Business, as life, is an additive process of new experiences leading to transformations in our human evolution. There is nothing to delete, only to add to enlarge our consciousness. In this way, we upgrade our humane standards, and the benefits of our actions touch everyone. So, from a different perspective, let me share my views with you.


Being used to operate with an analytical understanding, a professional intellect could hinder you in taking in my reflections. I will appreciate your effort to read them with a curious and open mind. Therefore, could you kindly release for a while your profession, position, degrees, awards? Enter a state of caring, for those you love dearly, for people, and places you live in. Breathe deeply, and stay in this frame of mind for a while. It gives you another angle to the contents of these notes.

unLogoUnited Nations created a program regarding the social responsibility in the business world under the name Global Compact (UNGC). Any program created to develop a social responsibility in businesses and organizations, basically has to be aimed to enlarge consciousness in their administrators or leaders. Once this is achieved, integration is the automatic response of their employees.

With the same goal in mind, I introduce an empiric approach, based on physical and psychological knowledge. I wish to inspire people to be leaders of their lives, rather than soldiers of survival.


The need
In gaining an income, power is often unconsciously misused, while there are more effective humane approaches to do so. In view of this shift in business towards social awareness, we must re-introduce and apply our basic human rights to exist with respect, equality and freedom in this process. To achieve these goals, we need the active cooperation of leaders and of all those who are responsible for others.

I have found that the following concepts and subjects must be introduced in working effectively at a leadership level, both in business and in organizations. They are Education, Leadership, Creation, Diversity, Integration, Law of cause and effect. I have added an empiric translation to create new viewpoints and opportunities.



Education is more than just learning to read and write.
It is about raising consciousness on
the total wisdom and experiences of our ancestors,
as a legacy, to uplift our human evolution..."

Z. E. Čekalović Ballón



"Educate the children and it will not be necessary to punish men"


By mastering an objective education, as all studies go, we learn to control the outside world, and become in turn repressed by it. This becomes a net of restrictions, struggles, and survival in life. I observe how people suffer by the lack of a subjective education, which is the knowledge of the self with its goals and dreams. It teaches us to be equal, respectful and free. Both education systems are meant to complement each other for us to be able to experience the totality of our own reality. This is still a pending task.



"An authentic leader is the person
who is able to integrate diverse or antagonistic forces
with respect, equality and freedom."

Z. E. Čekalović Ballón


As a leader, you need to have a clear vision on the process of creation, having in mind that diversity and integration are its foundation, and its components to act upon. Therefore, leadership is about raising consciousness towards integration  with respect, equality and freedom.


 A leader ....

  • Communicates with clarity rather than toughness.
  • Communicates with the word we" rather than "I".
  • Knows that clear communication is the way to success, in any field.
  • Realizes that people act or react from the best of their consciousness, regardless the outcome. Therefore, a leader does not blame or judge them for the effect of their actions.
  • Gets a larger view on reality, and solves obstacles by using introspection, allowing more space for observation and analysis. This way of experiencing reality enlarges consciousness, creates options, and leads to different solutions.
  • Works clearly from personal excellence. Leadership is about integration, expressing truth, rather than suppressing or imposing it by fear or convenience.
  • Has one behavior, in public as well as in private life.


"Approximately two hundred and sixty two millions people have been killed during the last century, the majority of them by the leaders of their own countries". This shows us the difference in level of consciousness between authentic leaders and administrators.


Just take in the above explanations. Perhaps you could make an introspective journey to find the authenticity of your humane leadership. We all carry it, but like many attributes we have, we must become aware of it. We all need to upgrade and expand our consciousness, especially leaders around the world. They have the tremendous responsibility to lead and integrate humanity in harmony, with respect, equality and freedom.

To be a successful businessman, manager, director, president, minister, politician, or general secretary of any organization, does not automatically declare you a leader, rather more an administrator of your work. The leadership concept currently in use needs to be updated to the level of our present human evolution. With these changes, humanity will enter in a process of integration, aligned to the development we are experiencing.


Elements that shape the direction and success of your business, are not methods, strategies, technologies, or even the advisers you use. It is only you as a leader, and the people who work for you. This means that your employees are the key to the success or failure of your business. As a leader, you need to have a clear vision and understanding of the process of creation, having in mind that diversity and integration are its foundation. Whenever diversity is truly accepted, integration is the automatic reaction, or effect. By integrating the two diverse forces, leaders-employees, creation is materialized.



Creation is than an additive process of particles agglomerating within a preconceived structure. It manifests at all levels of existence: physical, emotional, mental, spiritual. The basic elements of creation are: diversity, acceptance, integration process, manifestation, materialization, disintegration, transformation, devolution, evolution, higher level consciousness.



Diversity and Integration are the biggest problems we all face nowadays, in society, in businesses,  organizations, and in all types of groups. Diversity is the recognition of the uniqueness of each individual particle, having a determined function in the manifestation of any creation. On a personal level, it shows our acceptance of the uniqueness of the self, without blaming ourselves and others for whom we believe we are, as is implanted during our upbringing. 


We owe it to mankind to be and show samples of diversity, in order to enlarge the consciousness of our own identity, and to honor the identification of others. Then fear and judgment are no longer blinding our perception of reality. To  understand  the  basics of diversity,  we must  introduce as a starting point in our educational system, The charter of the United Nations and The Declaration of Human rights.

"Educate the children and it will not be necessary to punish menPythagoras



Integration is the automatic response to the acceptance of diversity, therefore it creates vibrations of unison that flow into oneness. This means that we accept the recognition of our own individuality as well as of others with gratitude. And then we can each play with joy our favorite instrument in the orchestra of life.


Law of cause and effect

The law of cause and effect creates all that exists. Since people are the cause, and create economy, then, economy becomes the effect. Therefore, economic fluctuations are a human creation, meaning that you need to know how you create, in order to transform the economic situation in which you are, or your company is. All depends upon your leadership!


A few reflections on business and management

Your business-mind believes that the basic tools for your company’s survival are the experts in economy. They are advising towards re-organization, fusion, fewer demands, fewer employees, fewer benefits, multiple tasks, temporary contracts, use of interns or volunteers, harder competence in enterprises and organizations, etc.


What happens to you when you use the expert's traditional advice? Well, it increases your stress, blood pressure, worries, fears, hopes, and decreases your confidence to succeed. On top of that, you are told to get extra expertise support with business consultants, personal coaches, educational trainers, and so many others, including me.


Strong integrated human relations create an abundant production. The well-being of people drives their skills. To build an excellent integration of employees in your enterprise, you must know about the person behind the skills and about the concept of diversity. Only then can you find the difference between innate skills, and the certified ones on a diploma. You would be shocked to know the little amount of people working in the right place nowadays. 


Diploma's, degrees, written experiences, and recommendation letters, only give you a glimpse of the person behind those papers. You hire someone with certain skills, and blindly trust the papers. The whole matter is about perceiving the authenticity of the person. Trust can be an emotional manipulation often used to tie people to a promise.


Success is all that you, together with your employees are able to create, and offer to society. Direct the common culture of competition towards the strength of your company, organization or institution. Nourish your innovating capacity and creativity to meet human needs, and increase social welfare. Focus away from business and profits, and toward what you can do to improve the life of your customers.


Being open and honest about yourself and your business creates growth, as an individual, and as a company. This shows that you do not look at the obstacles you face, but at the avenues waiting for you to reach your goals.


Everything that you do to improve your business, is the right thing to do. Remember, each human being on earth acts or reacts from the best of their consciousness, regardless the outcome. So if you want positive results, you just need to have clarity in your decision to solidify the base of your creations. Remember the law of cause and effect.


Nowadays, business is a legal exploitation, without the need to be so. It is all about promises, and tricking your perception of reality in order to satisfy your sense of security. These techniques put people constantly in a survival mode. When promises turn out to be void, unexpected emotional, socio-economic, and political consequences are suffered by families, societies, even countries.


Rather than to override this information with your habitual beliefs and business intelligence, give yourself the possibility to experience something different. By accepting at the same time another reality besides your own, new options appear. You create innovative avenues to your economical freedom.  Be sure, it will benefit you in all directions.


I know that life is an additive process. All that exists, has a reason to be. There is nothing to delete, only to add new experiences, to enlarge our consciousness. In this way, we upgrade our humane standards, and the benefits of our actions touch everyone.


If you disagree with the approach and results of my experiences, you have of course the right to think differently. If so, I invite you to continue your personal quest. Conversely, if you want to internalize new ways of deploying human excellence in business, you can contact me!



I wish to inspire people to be leaders of their lives, rather than soldiers of survival.



Most Sincerely

Zvonimir Čekalović Ballón

Unfolding humane excellence brings us to the place where we deserve to Be