With a scientific focus of a chiropractor as my starting point, I developed a growing social consciousness, and I expanded my approach in helping people with their reality. In addition to it, I explored the relation between physical complaints, human behaviors and beliefs or convictions. These three elements are directly connected to work situations and humane relations.  


The observation and analysis of the experiences people shared with me were the first indications of how the law of action and reaction operates. The realization of using these tools developed naturally into counseling, and integrated with the acquired knowledge and structure of my professional background.


In more than thirty years of practical experiences, with  an open mind and without preconceived ideas, I have explored and analyzed the work situations and human relations of thousands of people. Gradually, I experienced and understood the value and contribution of humane excellence, which brings out the best in people.  


All these steps have been like a chain of actions and reactions. In fact, It started with personal appointments, unfolding into seminars, and grew into a social awareness and responsibility, a consciousness on the unresolved issues that we all carry as individuals and societies, in businesses and socio-economic organizations.


There are a few of the avenues that have brought me to humane excellence:
Technical University of the State. Certified Degree in Publicity, Santiago (Chile), and from the following Educational Organizations and Programs: ONSEV: National Office for Voluntary service (Chile), UNV-UNESCO: Literacy Project, Esfahan (Iran), Women Organization: Teheran (Iran), Ministry of Education: Tehran (Iran), McTimoney Chiropractor School: Oxford (England), Barbara Brennan School of Healing: Florida (USA), r.S.Christopher Meads: Jungian analyst (The Netherlands), Anthony Robbins: Certification Program, Hawaii (USA), Jose Silva:  Mind Control Program, Laredo-Texas (USA), Hanna Kroeger:  Programs of Natural Healing, Boulder-Colorado (USA), Monroe Institute:  Program Out of the Body experiences, Virginia (USA), Dr. Angel Escudero: Healing by thinking Valencia (Spain), Dr. M. Levine: All kinds of minds, Geneve (Switzerland), Lynn Andrews: Shamanic School California (USA), Eric Pearl:The Reconnection, Berlin(Germany), Dr.Sha: Atlanta (USA). More than thirty years of experience in counseling, complementary medicine, and human energy fields.

This website is written from the core of my social responsibility to humanity, rather than from the scientific research and intellectual theories commonly used to establish a knowledgeable stand point.

Most Sincerely,
Zvonimir Čekalović Ballón



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Unfolding humane excellence brings us to the place where we deserve to Be